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What are some of the most common toy hazards?

If you are buying a toy for your child, you have every reason to expect the toy has been tested and is safe. Unfortunately, despite strict safety standards, many toys pose a serious danger to children each year in Nashville as well as everywhere else in the country.

According to the American Association for Justice, up to 5,000 new toys are introduced in the country every year. In 2012, emergency rooms across the nation handled about 265,000 injuries resulting from dangerous toys. How do these accidents happen despite rules set by the Consumer Product Safety Commission? One problem may be the fact that there are simply too few CPSC employees to deal with the huge influx of new toys and to make sure no safety standards are violated.

Some of the most common toy dangers that have seriously injured or killed thousands of children include the following:

  • Toys with sharp edges, points or projectile pieces
  • Components, such as computer circuit boards, that overheat and cause burns
  • Lead poisoning, particularly from products made in China
  • Intestinal blockage from swallowed pieces, especially from tiny magnets that can cause life-threatening damage
  • Internal burns and injuries caused by button batteries being swallowed and eroding in the esophagus or stomach
  • Choking – the most common cause of toy-related fatalities for children

Every year, countless toys are recalled throughout the United States for safety reasons. Even if you are a careful, attentive parent who reads safety instructions and warning labels, there may be some dangerous aspect of a toy that escapes your notice. It is to be hoped that new products intended for children will be made with vital safety standards in mind.

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