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Some summer sports and activities are dangerous for children

There are many activities that keep children occupied and having fun all summer long. However, some products, sports or games may be dangerous – even deadly – for residents in Nashville and across the country. This summer, thousands of children may be seriously injured or killed by dangerous products or common, yet risky, activities.

According to Nerdwallet, the most common cause of accidental death in the summer for young children is swimming. Between 2007 and 2012, there was a 28.2 percent increase in hospitalizations across the country due to swimming-related accidents. Backyard and community swimming pools are particularly dangerous places for swimming tragedies to occur.

Bicycling is an activity that can be good exercise for children, but dangerous when combined with traffic or inexperience. In 2012, there were 192,319 emergency room visits throughout the United States from bicycle accidents. ER doctors reported head injuries and wrist fractures as two of the most common types of bicycle injuries.

Trampolines may be great fun for children of all ages, but the American Academy of Pediatrics advises against families owning this piece of equipment. Emergency rooms accommodated 62,569 people injured on trampolines in 2012. Spinal injuries and limb fractures are frequent with trampoline accidents.

Other potentially dangerous summer sports or activities for children include football, basketball, rollerskating and skateboarding. Traumatic brain injury is a serious injury commonly seen in many accidents, from oxygen loss in swimming to head impact with sports or bicycling. The Mayo Clinic states that many complications may arise from a brain injury, including seizures, long-term cognitive and functional problems, coma and death.

A wide range of situations may contribute to the risk of children suffering serious injuries or wrongful death this summer. These include negligent property owners and dangerous or defective products. Children should be allowed and encouraged to have fun doing physical activity. However, parents should be aware of the risk factors and take precautions to keep them from being harmed by someone’s negligence.

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