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Driver accused of hit-and-run in Tennessee motorcycle accident

Motorcyclists often feel like second-class citizens on the road, sometimes being pushed around or bullied out by the larger vehicles that usually do not even notice the smaller vehicles. What is important to remember for motorcyclists is that you have many of the same rights on the road as these larger vehicles. Because of this, even if you may sometimes feel like a second-class citizen, you should not be afraid to exercise your rights if you are actually treated like one.

Recently in Tennessee, a man struck a motorcycle as he was traveling in his pickup truck, allegedly after failing to obey a stop sign. A man and a young girl were both injured as a result of the collision, but the truck driver fled the scene. State Highway Patrol investigated the incident and followed a trail that led them to a man who admitted to driving the truck in question. He was charged with multiple offenses and set a bond of $200,000.

There are many reasons why this man may have chosen to flee the scene of the accident, but just like with any motor vehicle accident, such behavior does come with legal consequences. Motorcyclists deserve the same kind of treatment in the aftermath of an accident as other drivers, and those who fail to offer assistance for potential injuries can be held accountable.

If you have been injured in a Tennessee motorcycle accident, and you feel that your rights as a motor vehicle operator were violated or neglected, consider meeting with an attorney. You could be entitled to compensation for your injuries. This can also help ensure that the person who caused your injuries is held responsible.

Source: WBBJ, "Man charged in Gibson Co. hit-and-run," July 8, 2015

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