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G.M. executives, attorneys to be deposed

It can feel intimidating for Nashville residents to pursue wrongful death or personal injury lawsuits against major companies. However, products liability laws provide certain protections to consumers, and these are applicable against small and large companies alike. In fact, sometimes a single lawsuit can force huge corporations to take responsibility for their wrongdoings. In such cases, even executives and high-level employees are not exempt from answering for their negligent actions. 

Several high-ranking figures in General Motors will be deposed in a class-action lawsuit regarding ignition defects. Among those scheduled for questioning are senior executives and company attorneys. The depositions are set for May 2015, in preparation for a multidistrict class-action lawsuit that will be going to trial in January 2016.

The defect at issue in this lawsuit involves a fault ignition switch which has been tied to the deaths of nearly 70 people. Approximately 30 million vehicles were recalled as a result of this problem. 

Many of the details regarding G.M.’s failure to monitor and correct this defect were brought to light due to a single family’s lawsuit. That family has since settled with the company. Other settlements have also been made to some victims and their families through G.M.’s compensation program.

Holding a car manufacturer responsible for its defects can do a great deal to alleviate emotional trauma stemming from an auto injury. Those who have been hurt due to an auto defect may want to discuss their situations with an attorney. It may be possible to initiate a product liability lawsuit, which could result in monetary compensation and emotional closure.

Source: The New York Times, “G.M. Will Face Further Discovery in Broader Class-Action Case,” Bill Vlasic, Mar. 16, 2015  

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