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Motorcycle licenses in Tennessee

Riding a motorcycle can be a fun and exciting way for Tennessee residents to get around. Not only are they fun, they are also fuel efficient, which helps keep peoples' fuel costs under control. However, motorcycles come with a certain amount of inherent risk. Since these vehicles are smaller and do not include an exterior frame, riders are much more likely to be injured. These injuries are often the result of the negligence of other drivers, but can also be caused by rider inexperience.

In order to ensure that motorcyclists are safe on Tennessee roadways, riders are required to be licensed. In Tennessee there are four different types of motorcycle licenses. According to the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security, these licenses include a Motorcycle Learner Permit, Motor-Driven Cycle license, Motorcycle-Secondary license and Motorcycle Only license.

Each of these licenses have certain restrictions for motorcyclists and certain eligibility requirements. They also each limit the type of vehicles the person is allowed to drive with the license. For example, a motorcyclist with a Motor-Driven Cycle can only driver a scooter-type vehicle with wheels that are no larger than 125 cubic centimeters. Additionally, this particular license allows people as young as 15-years-old to operate the vehicle. On the other hand, a person with a Motorcycle-Secondary license must be 16-years-old or older and is allowed to operate motorcycles of all types in addition to other motor vehicles.

While these licenses help motorcyclists to be as safe as possible while on the roadways, they do little to protect them from negligent drivers. When a negligent driver causes a motorcycle accident, motorcycle accident victims and their families should make sure to speak with an attorney to learn their legal rights.

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