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Tattoo ink defect may be more widespread than initially thought

When a design or manufacturing defect is identified, recalls are often issued to prevent consumers from becoming injured. Sometimes the investigations into these problems reveal that these defects are not isolated to one batch or product line. When this occurs, it is important that consumers--both in Nashville and around the country--are properly informed about the full reach of these dangerous products.

In a recent recall, consumers were notified that tattoo ink from White and Blue Lion Inc. may be contaminated with bacteria. Now the Food and Drug Administration is voicing concerns that this company may have only been one distributor of these defective products.

According to FDA officials, several reports have linked infections to tattoo products in packaging similar to that of the White and Blue Lion inks. The bacterial contamination found in these tattoo inks could lead to sepsis, a potentially serious health condition that is especially dangerous for people who already suffer from problems with their hearts or circulatory systems.

Reports do not indicate how many distributors other than White and Blue Lion may have sold contaminated ink.

Manufacturers that have negligently released defective products may face civil litigation if these products cause injuries to consumers. If you have suffered physical harm or property damage due to design and manufacturing defects, you may be able to gain compensation for any related financial losses. Those who wish to learn more about the possibility of pursuing such a lawsuit may want to seek the counsel of an attorney.

Source: news.msn.com, “FDA warns that tattoo inks can cause infections,” Mary Clare Jalonick, Aug. 7, 2014 

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