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Fatal motorcycle accident after trip to Tennessee

While all Tennessee drivers should be vigilant, motorcyclists have to exercise a greater degree of caution due to the numerous dangers that await them and pose the risk of a serious crash. Sometimes it is poor road conditions or dangerous weather that can cause a motorcyclist to lose control of their bike. Other times it is a driver's failure to see the motorcycle or safely maneuver that person's own vehicle. And sometimes, it is debris in the road or someone's fallen cargo that results in the motorcycle crash.

A fatal motorcycle crash involving a young bride and groom recently occurred after their trip to Tennessee to get married. The crash took place on an on-ramp after the load being carried by a tractor trailer came loose. The trucker had been carrying a load of steel rods and two of the rods fell out of the truck onto the exit ramp when the restraint system failed. After rolling to the bottom of the ramp, one of the rods hit the motorcycle, causing both the man and woman on the bike to be thrown from it. The woman died in the accident.

In this incident, there is a clear source of liability for the accident. The driver of the tractor trailer received a citation from police for having an unsecured load. This accident illustrates just one of the many ways that the actions of other people can result in great injury and harm to motorcyclists. Many people do not realize that motorcyclists are much more susceptible to dangers on the roadway than other drivers due to the limited protection they have and the small size of their vehicles.

Because of the increased risk of injury motorcyclists face, they need to be aware of their rights should an accident occur. Common injuries include back and spinal cord injuries, broken bones and head injuries -- all of which can cause long-term problems and require significant treatment and rehabilitation. All of this can be very expensive, which can be stressful for victims and their families -- especially if their income has been reduced due to an inability to work. A personal injury lawsuit provides the opportunity for a victim of a motorcycle accident to tell that person's side of the story and get the financial compensation needed to recover and continue moving forward.

Source: Herald-Dispatch.com, "More charges possible in crash," Lacie Pierson, July 1, 2014

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