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Motorcycle accident in Tennessee results in five injuries

Oftentimes, drivers fail to notice the motorcycles they share the road with. In many of these cases, it is not the motorcyclist's fault. Drivers are expected to be aware of their surroundings and ready to act quickly should something unexpected enter into their field of vision. When they fail to do so, they may be found guilty of negligence.

A recent accident in Tennessee involved two motorcycles and a passenger vehicle. According to reports, the passenger vehicle was driving on a Tennessee frontage road when it crossed the center line. As a result, the vehicle struck a motorcycle head on and then proceeded to sideswipe another motorcycle.

Two helicopters and an ambulance responded to the scene. Four of the victims were critically injured. Their names were not known and the accident was being investigated.

Catastrophic injuries are common following motorcycle accidents. Motorcycles provide little protection for riders and riders are highly vulnerable to damage. Injuries can cause victims not only physical suffering, but great financial strain as well. Not only do the injuries often require costly long-term treatment, even transportation to the hospital can end up costing victims a hefty fee.

In order to relieve some of this financial strain, some victims choose to take legal action. If there is a another driver involved in an accident who is suspected of negligence, victims can often pursue compensation from the negligent driver. Though it will never erase the trauma, compensation can help alleviate some of the financial strain that so often burdens victims.

Source: Cleveland Daily Banner, "Five injured in car, motorcycle crash," Greg Kaylor, April 14, 2014

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