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Driver facing charges after fatal crash in Tennessee

In an accident involving a motor vehicle and a pedestrian, the pedestrian has little chance of walking away unscathed. Pedestrians are extremely vulnerable in such an accident, as they are not protected by the size and safety features that a motor vehicle provides. Because of the vulnerability of pedestrians, drivers in motor vehicles must exercise extreme caution when driving in areas with high amounts of foot traffic. When drivers fail to notice pedestrians and cause accidents, they may be found guilty of negligence.

A driver is facing charges after a recent fatal car-pedestrian accident in Tennessee. The pedestrian and his fiancee were crossing a ramp onto a Tennessee interstate road when the driver's car slammed into him. Barely able to stand and showing erratic behavior, the driver was visibly intoxicated at the scene, according to police. Police smelled alcohol on his breath and said that the driver's eyes were glossed over and red. As a result, the driver has been charged with vehicular homicide by intoxication.

Sadly, the pedestrian was only a mile away from his home when the accident occurred. Emergency responders rushed the man to a nearby hospital. He was declared dead at the hospital. The driver is in custody and being held without bond.

Drivers need to be prepared to react to their surroundings at all times. Alcohol slows this reaction time, which can greatly increase the chances of drunk driving accidents occurring. If family members lose loved ones in fatal car accidents, they have rights. Oftentimes, it is appropriate to take legal action against a drunk driver. Legal action is often strengthened by a strong legal strategy that makes use of evidence and expertise to aggressively pursue compensation.

Source: The Tennessean, "Victim ID'd in late-night fatal crash, driver charged," Adam Tamburin, April 17, 2014

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