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One hospitalized after pileup involving semi in Tennessee

Chain reaction crashes can happen quickly and without warning. When just one driver fails to exercise the amount of care necessary to prevent an accident. or, in other words, acts negligently, a large-scale, multi-vehicle wreck can occur. This sort of car accident or truck accident can leave many people with injuries and many damaged vehicles.

While it may sometimes be difficult to uncover the origin of such a crash, skilled accident investigators can oftentimes determine how it started and if anyone was at fault. When it is determined that another driver is at fault, victims may then be able to pursue compensation from the negligent driver.

A recent multi-vehicle accident that occurred in the afternoon can best be described as a "pileup." On a northbound highway in Tennessee, three passenger vehicles, two big utility trucks and a semi truck and trailer collided. As a result of the crash, one person had to be taken to a nearby hospital to be treated for injuries. Two lanes were then closed while crews cleaned up diesel fuel that was spilling from a ruptured fuel tank. Investigators were looking into the cause of the crash.

When a semi is involved in one of these multi-vehicle accidents, the driver or trucking company is sometimes found to be at fault. Commercial truck drivers work long hours on the road, which can prove dangerous to other motorists when the driver has not had adequate rest. Truck driver fatigue is just one of the many ways a truck driver or company can be found liable for negligence. In these cases, victims can oftentimes fight for compensation for medical expenses and other financial burdens they have been forced to suffer because of a truck accident.

Source: ABC 6, "One sent to the hospital after I-75 pileup in Knoxville," Feb. 14, 2014

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