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Public awareness an issue in older product recalls

Product recalls often make front page news, particularly if they relate to a dangerous product that can be hazardous to children. Most Nashville parents are likely diligent about their children's environments, and immediately remove any items that have been recalled. However, sometimes a gap occurs in public awareness regarding older recalled products that are still in circulation. For this reason, some consumer advocates are pressing for better methods of maintaining public awareness for recalled items in order to prevent the occurrence of a fatal product liability accident.

Consumer advocates have called attention to recalled products that were pulled from shelves years ago, but remain in people's homes because of insufficient public awareness about these items' safety hazards. While various organizations and agencies have made attempts to educate consumers about older recalled items, incidents of wrongful death and injury arising from the use of these dangerous products illustrates that further efforts may be needed.

In recent years, over 15 children have been trapped in hope chests and died. The most recent victims are two Massachusetts children, aged seven and eight, who suffocated after they were sealed into a secondhand chest that was kept in one of the children’s rooms. This chest was one of 12 million that was manufactured in 1939 and recalled in 1996 due to unsafe locking mechanisms.

For those who have experienced the heartbreak of a wrongful death due to a defective product, speaking with an attorney may help to outline potential legal remedies. Legal action cannot bring back a loved one, but it can help to raise awareness about an unsafe product or manufacturer negligence, and may help to prevent another tragic death.

Source: The Boston Globe, “Inquiry, cautions follow 2 deaths in Franklin,” Peter Schworm and David Abel, Jan. 14, 2014

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