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Nashville man involved in wrong-way crash

One of the more dangerous and deadly types of car accidents is the wrong-way crash. These accidents involve twice the amount of force as those between one stationary and one moving vehicle. It is not uncommon for many injuries to result from these crashes and, in the worst case scenarios, head-on collisions can result in fatalities.

A man from Nashville is suspected to be involved in a wrong-way car accident that resulted in the death of a woman. Police say the man was driving on a Tennessee interstate highway when he hit head-on a car carrying a woman and three others. While the woman suffered fatal injuries, the three others suffered non-fatal injuries. The man suspected to have caused the hit-and-run was recently arrested in Texas near the border with Mexico.

For both victims and their families, a car accident can have a far-reaching and instantaneous effect on their lives. Family members may be forced to endure the loss of a loved one, while victims may have to suffer with injuries that require long-term treatment. There are many aspects of post-accident life that many may not have considered before. For example, nagging body pains, lasting emotional trauma and medical expenses can all result from car accidents. In addition, family members of deceased victims have to worry about funeral expenses and the deceased person's lost wages. While nothing can undo the trauma these victims have had to endure, there are ways to pursue compensation for the financial strain placed on victims.

Pursuing compensation often involves proving the negligence of another driver involved in the crash. This might mean showing, with evidence, that the driver sped or texted while driving. Whatever the case, victims and their families can always benefit from a strong legal strategy and an aggressive plan.

Source: WSMV, "Suspected wrong-way driver arrested after fatal I-24 crash," Kevin Young, Dec. 30, 2013

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