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Hit and run involving 2 soldiers leaves one dead in Tennessee

When a driver leaves the scene of an accident without exchanging insurance information, that driver has committed a hit-and-run. Hit-and-run accidents are basically admissions of guilt and oftentimes courts will find the perpetrator of a hit and run to be at fault for the accident. In such cases, it is possible for victims to file negligence suits against the drivers responsible in the accidents.

A tragic hit-and-run accident left one dead in Tennessee recently. Both drivers involved were, surprisingly, soldiers. The soldiers were out at a bar drinking together moments before the accident occurred. One of the soldiers, a 21-year-old man, was walking home from the bar when his fellow soldier struck him in a vehicle. Tragically, the 21-year-old soldier died on the scene. After searching the area, police found an SUV with damage consistent with a pedestrian-vehicle accident; the vehicle belonged to the soldier who was at the bar with the victim the night before.

Families who have lost loved ones in fatal car accidents have great emotional costs inflicted on them. What they should not have to suffer further with, though, are financial costs. The loss of a loved one can result in lost wages, due to a loved one sometimes being the sole or primary earner in the family. Mental anguish may lead families of loved ones to seek out care and treatment, which can also be quite costly.

Victims in accidents involving negligent drivers do not need to idly accept these financial burdens. Victims and their family members can, in some cases, file negligence claims and receive compensation for lost wages and other damages resulting from the accident, helping them on their way to a fair recovery.

Source: WBIR, "East TN soldier victim of hit and run by fellow soldier," Dec. 16, 2013

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