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One man killed and two children injured in Tennessee car wreck

It only takes one split-second wrong move while behind the wheel of a car to cause an accident that injures or kills another individual. These car accidents are all the more tragic when they involve innocent children.

A devastating two-car accident claimed the life of one Tennessee man and sent two children to the hospital with injuries. A woman driving eastbound in a Toyota Corolla swerved to avoid a GMC Sonoma pick-up truck, which was attempting to make a right-hand turn. Unfortunately, the driver of the Corolla struck the side of the pick-up truck. The force of the collision overturned the Corolla, killing the man and injuring the children. Officials are still determining whether drugs or alcohol were factors in the crash. However, the driver of the Corolla may face criminal charges as a result of the accident.

In addition to criminal charges, those responsible for injuring another in a car accident may face a civil liability lawsuit as well. Victims may sue under the theory of negligence should they be injured in a car crash. Should the victim prevail, they may be entitled to a variety of damages. For example, if those injured are children, their parents may be able to recover for loss of consortium. However, the parents must be able to show that their relationship with their child has been severely impaired due to the accident.

In addition, victims may be awarded damages for past and future medical expenses if they can show that the medical treatment received was related to the injuries sustained in the accident. Victims may even be entitled to compensation for pain and suffering. In determining how much to award for a victim's pain and suffering, the court will consider the extent of the pain, the duration of the pain and in some states the victim's awareness of the pain.

Economic recovery may be possible for those injured in an auto accident. A personal injury attorney could provide more insight as to the types of damages that may be recovered in such incidents.

Source: Crossville Chronicle, "One killed in Hwy. 70E crash," April 17, 2013

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