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Motorcycles and the importance of safety and maintenance

So far during 2012, there have been 112 motorcycle accident fatalities in Tennessee. This same time last year, there had been 104. After a rash of motorcycle accidents involving high-profile government officials, one Tennessee County is cautioning both drivers and motorcyclists to exercise caution when traveling Tennessee's road and highways.

Motorcycle enthusiasts often remark that there's nothing better than hitting the open road and feeling the rush of excitement as the wind hits your back. While many Tennessee residents enjoy riding motorcycles for both practical and recreational purposes, it's important that all individuals who chose to ride a motorcycle take appropriate safety precautions.

All individuals who own or ride a motorcycle in Tennessee need to ensure they have the proper license and training. Motorcycle education courses can provide essential training on how to keep safe while riding a motorcycle. Even experienced motorcyclists may benefit from refresher driving courses as they must be aware of not only their own abilities and limitations, but also those of other drivers with whom they are sharing the road.

Another important component of keeping safe and preventing motorcycle accidents is to ensure motorcycles undergo routine maintenance. One County Mayor recently broke his arm in a motorcycle accident after the motorcycle on which he was riding got a flat tire. It's important, therefore, for motorcyclists to make sure that all components of their motorcycles are working correctly. This includes headlights, blinkers, tires and brakes.

When motorcycle accidents do occur, resulting injuries can be serious and even fatal. In an effort to prevent motorcycle accidents all drivers would be wise to employ safe driving practices and ensure their motor vehicles are properly maintained.

Source: WATE, "High-profile motorcycle accidents serve as reminders of safety," Jessa Lewis, Oct. 8, 2012

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