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Twenty injured, two seriously in TN school bus accident

With Tennessee schools back in session, each school day thousands of students across the state rely on school busses to get to and from school. While typically safe, when a school bus is involved in an accident the risks for multiple and serious injuries is far greater. A Tennessee school bus was recently involved in an accident that resulted in the injury of 20 high school students. The school bus accident happened around 6:00 p.m. while the children were being transported home from school.

According to initial police reports, the accident occurred when one of the buss's wheels went off the shoulder of the road. The buss then left the road and, according to eyewitness reports, rolled three times. Rescue workers were on the scene within minutes to treat those injured and transport them to nearby hospitals for additional medical care.

While the majority of those injured sustained only minor injuries and are expected to fully recover, two of the passengers were critically injured. One of the children required surgery for a spinal injury and large cut on their head. The other critically injured child had a broken leg that required surgery.

While it's not yet clear what may have lead to the accident there are several possibilities. One likely contributing cause to the bus accident is that the driver was distracted. Bus drivers often face many distractions associated with the children they are transporting.

Children who are loud and standing in the aisles or on seats can be especially distracting for bus drivers. Likewise, the use of a mobile device may also have contributed to the driver being distracted and veering off the road.

Source: Examiner, "School bus accident in Washington County, Tennessee: 20 injured, no fatalities," Barbie Crafts, Sept. 20, 2012

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