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Tennessee town votes to take down traffic cameras

Across the nation, in an effort to curb traffic violations and prevent car accidents, many communities have erected traffic cameras. Many citizens, however, are opposed to traffic cameras believing they violate an individual's privacy and allow government undue access to citizen's private lives.

The Tennessee community of Red Bank approved a measure allowing traffic cameras six years ago. Recently, however, City Commission members voted to remove the cameras.

Prior to the vote deciding whether or not to remove the cameras, Red Bank City Commission members heard from local residents. Many residents expressed concern related to the cameras and what they perceived to be an invasion of privacy.

Prior to the official vote, one City Commission member who is also a nurse discussed the high number of individuals he sees admitted to the hospital as a result of car accident injuries. He noted, however, that other cities that elected to remove their cameras had not experienced a spike in traffic accidents.

The traffic cameras were installed by private companies throughout the Tennessee community six years ago. Since that time, many citizens have expressed concern over the cameras and the city's motives. In fact, many communities throughout Tennessee have fought against the installation and use of traffic cameras.

The public's disdain of traffic cameras recently prompted the Tennessee General Assembly to pass statutes negating evidence captured on the cameras. Likewise, the

Assembly passed legislation related to steps local governments must take prior to erecting additional traffic cameras.

Source: The Republic, "Red Bank Commission chooses to take down city's traffic cameras on 4-1 vote," Associated Press, Sept. 5, 2012

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